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Anonymous: She has keek

What’s her keek?

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Anonymous: whats amanda williams "the girl who subtweeted kylie" instagram?

Im trying to find out? But it looks like she doesn’t have one lol

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Anonymous: you guys messed up. makeupbymandy24 isnt amanda williams. and mandy24 isnt copying kylie or anything. i follow her for two years now and she always dressed like that, and the short hair is a trend everywhere not because of kylie. stop making Kylie the queen of fashion. can i also have amanda williams insta?

This Amanda situation got me really confused x

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Anonymous: Whats that Amanda girls ig or tumblr??

What Amanda?

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Anonymous: Kanyes fanbase and Kim's fanbase are completely different, he's a rapper/designer/producer, she's a reality tv star who has a few clothing lines. To say they have the same fanbase in my opinion is completely wrong.

That’s a fact

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